not only has for sale a colorful array of replicas and original automobilia products, it also houses an avid personal collection of cars, motorcycles, bicycles and collectibles. While these items are not for sale, they certainly bring back exciting memories for the customers and visitors to the store. Come by to view the “real thing”.

The Big Wheel

Imagine a one inch wide, 8-foot diameter wheel with a unicycle built to ride inside. This imaginative bicycle/unicycle was hand built in 1957 by Bert Hobbis. It’s a “one only”.
Often seen ridden in parades on the West Coast from Victoria to Reno, has been mastered by only three people: Gerald Hobbis, Bert Hobbis, Jon Jostema.

Six Place Street Racing Bicycle

The closest example to Hollywood’s 6 Place street racer is the one on display at the Ford Museum, the 10 Place Orient “Oriten” made in 1896 by the Waltham Bicycle Company.
Hollywood’s continues to search for historical records of multi-place street racing bicycles. Can you help? It’s not a Fowler.

Noxell & Spencer Boneshaker

Prior to the pennyfarthing, riding a bicycle was a bone shaking experience. Bicycle/Boneshaker development is generally attributed to Parisian Pierre Michaux in the 1860s. Hollywood’s boneshaker has a plate with the Noxell & Spencer name. It may be the manufacture or an agent. The Deeley family previously owned it.


It’s an original, but difficult to contribute to any manufacturer. Hollywood’s continues researching. The reason for the popularity of the pennyfarthings was not just because of the speed they could attain with thier large front wheel but because of the height the rider sat. It put the rider in a position to be able to look down on those riding on horseback, or, in another word, status!

Falcon Junior Pennyfarthing Replica

The British bicycle manufacture, Falcon, produced a replica pennyfarthing in the early 1960s. The full size is in green, and like Hollywood’s, the junior in red.

Show Bicycles

1970s gold-plated and Campagnolo super record equipped Mens Guerciotti and Ladies Colnago Show Bicycles. Hollywood’s would like to hear from anyone who has either one. These two have never been used.

1950 Harley Davidson FL

Suicide clutch, hand shift, pan head: words to describe a Harley. 1950 is the year Harley Davidson introduced the Hydra-Glide fork and the same year founder Arthur Davidson passed away. Hollywood’s FL is black and restored to it’s original condition.

1951 BSA Bantam

An unrestored beautiful example of an early Bantam. Originally designed by the German manufacturer DKW, it was copied after the war by Harley Davidson, B.S.A., and Yamaha. Harley’s model was called “Hummer”. Being that these are two stokes with the distinctive dinging, is that where the term “Hum-dinger” originated?

1965 T10 Suzuki

250 cc and 24 HP. In 1965 this was Suzuki’s premier model in Canada. Hollywood’s example is original unrestored, with 3400 miles and loaded with extras. Thanks to “posi force” lubrication in 1966 you didn’t have to add one pint of two-stroke oil with each gallon of gas as with this model. When you ran out of gas you would switch your fuel cox to reserve, find a gas station, empty a plastic bottle of oil into the tank, and ask for $.43 of regular…. good for another 100 miles! That must have been 100 years ago.

1966 T20 Suzuki

250 cc and 29 HP. The world’s first 6 speed production motorcycle and maybe the quickest bike in it’s day. Hollywood’s president and his T20 were in Suzuki Canada’s first TV commercial sponsoring “The Flying Nun” and “Batman”. Who was that girl on the bike with him?

1967 Z50M Honda

Honda came up with the idea that a small motorcycle that could be folded to fit in a car trunk would have a market. What they found out is once it got out of the trunk it never was put back in. The Z50M is the poster bike for all the mini-bike fans around the world. Never sold in the U.S. market makes it very collectible and highly treasured.

1960’s Soap Box Derby Car

Hollywood’s example of a 1960s original is named “Dennis”. Was it ever raced? It might have been in Mission. Is Dennis out there?

1929 Hudson Super Six

A standard sedan in Reseda Green and Black. The fastest car Detroit made in 1929. Advertised to do 70 MPH all day long. A favorite for bank robbers and rum runners. The FBI actually put out a warning to all police agencies advising if one was stolen a robbery was likely to follow.

1929 Ford Model A and 1927 Ford Model T


1929 Ford Model A
Purchased by Thomas Guscotte Parker Hobbis in 1932 and driven until 1962. This Model A was previously owned by the grandfather and great grandfather of Hollywood’s owners. How many great great grandchildren are driving in great great grampa’s car? Hollywood would like to hear from you.

1927 Ford Model T
A late production touring model, restored in 1960 and driven rarely since. It’s in great driveable shape.

1941 Graham Hollywood

Approximately 1,250 Hollywood’s were produced in 1940 and 1941 in partnership with Hubmobile Skylark, which numbered less than 400. A cheap copy of the 1936 Cord 812. The war and higher than anticipated production costs killed the project. The car, a favorite for custom car buffs, looks a lot better custom than restored original. Is there an argument? Tell Hollywood’s.
Have you ever wondered why old cars have soft tops? It’s because there was no way of stamping out something that size. The Hollywood’s roof was made from 9 pieces, each one welded and leaded together. Damn technology, we could all be driving convertibles.

Mobo Toy Cycle

The Mobo toy company started making toys after the end of WW II in 1947 at the vacant Vickers Gun Works factory at Kent, England. The most popular toy was a horse that moved forward when bounced on by the rider. Hollywood’s Mobo bicycle, which is still in very good shape, is believed to be very rare.
From machine guns to toy ponies!

Coupe Gordon Bennett German Tin Toy

Before the Formula One, Indianapolis 500, and the Winston Cup, it was the Gordon Bennett Cup. He was the pinnacle of ballooning, plane, yachting, boxing and auto racing in the early 1900s. Who was Gordon Bennett? He was an American press magnate James Gordon Bennett, owner of the NY Herald, the same person who sent Stanley to Africa in search of Livingston. Hollywood’s believe this toy is in the Very Rare category.

Pattullo Bridge Opening Banner

The Pattullo Bridge, the bridge spanning the famous Fraser River at New Westminster, named for B.C. Premier Thomas Dufferin Pattullo was opened November 15, 1937 with this banner. Who would think of saving an opening banner? Hollywood’s.

Carriage Lamps

Hollywood’s is interested in any information on these fine lights. They are believed to be from an early “1900″ automobile. They are a matching set, silver with electrical wire, one with the original light bulb “What a car it must have been”.

CCM Tricycles

Hollywood has 2: one pre-1960 in its original carton where it will remain; and a 1964 12″ model. The latter may be the finest child’s tricycle ever made. If produced today, they would have to sell for 10 times the original $24.95…. and they would!