Suppliers and Friends. A list of Allies. Your comments are welcomed, enjoy.

Signs and Clocks

SIGNPAST vintage reproduction signs “made in the USA like it was; like it should be!”

Ande Rooney the Porcelain Sign People. Their signs are the Cadillac of signs.

The nicest way to tell the time. U.S. made electrical movement, moving just like a Rolex

Sculptures and Art

You are encouraged to check out David Chapple’s site. I know a Diecast company that wants his web address. Hollywood’s hopes you want one of his prints

The artist of Hollywood’s favorite print “Grabbin’ Gears”. Find your favorite and visit Hollywood’s and order it.

Hollywood’s offer a selection of Michael’s prints, some framed one signed by Carroll Shelby.

Or you may want a Scott Jacobs print, pick one. Hollywood’s may have it in stock.

Take home a David Snyder print from our selection or we can order one in for you. Please pick one out for your mancave.

Want one of these by Dale Klee, let Hollywood’s order one for you, maybe we have one.

Hollywood’s has a good selection of Dan McCrary’s prints in stock, Do you want one?

Diecast Cars

Diecast Zone: A great resource for collectors find out the maker or a model you’re looking for

CMC: Diecast models to die for

University of Racing: NASCAR Legends 1/24 Replicas

Lionel: NASCAR licenced diecast maker

Exact Detail: When you want American Muscle Cars down to last detail. Hollywood’s still has a few in stock. Sorry, no longer being produced, take care of the ones you have, they will only go up in price

Durham Classics: Canada’s smallest car company. Do you collect 1/43? Durham is the La Salle of 1/43 model makers


Let us know if items on Chris’ site are needed we may have them in stock


Did you have a steam engine in your youth? Do you still have it and need accessories? check one out here.

The home of extremely fine stirling motors and models.

If you were a Cowboy you had one of these. The Indians didn’t. Kid’s in the fifties.


FBS When you’re looking for the best in autobody supplies, they’re right next door.