Safety Doesn’t Sell!

Henry Kaiser got into the car business 5 years earlier in 1946. Every year a struggle for profitability. 1952 was no different. The marketing angle this year would be “World’s safest front seat” with Seven-Point Protection.
1/ Narrower A pillars to eliminate blind spots.
2/ One piece push out front windshield.
3/ Padded dash.
4/ Right hand emergency brake.
5/ Recessed instruments.
6/ Extra leg room…and
7/ “Safety-Posture front seat braces and cradles your weight low…where it’s safer.”
Seat Belts? No, you would want to be thrown away from the collision so you would survive. (and air bags would only slow down your exit back then)
Mr. Kaiser thought he was building a safer car. He is the same H.J Kaiser who could build a Liberty ship in 4 days however some would break in half due to cold water. Maybe Liberty ships needed push out front windows too.

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