Featuring The Studebaker Hawks for 1958

studshbrostudghbfstudshbro2studghbrThe Golden Hawk for 1958.
Total production 878. Price $3282 
The top Hawks are instantly recognizable due to no B pillar. They all came with McCulloch superchargers boosting the output of the 289 c.i. V8 to 275 H.P. A “rocket” in 58. It was road tested against the Chrysler 300 B, Ford Thunderbird and Chevrolet Corvette and blew them all away in the day, 

The Silver Hawk.Total Production 7294 Price $2219 (6) $2352 (8)
This was the second year of the Silver Hawk. It replaced the pillared Flight Hawk and Power Hawk and would replace the Golden Hawk in 1959, becoming the only “Hawk”. The 3 engine options offered were the straight 6 (185 c.i. 101hp) and 2 versions of a 289 V8. The top version with a 4bbl carb. putting out a respectable 225hp. 
The Hawk was replaced in 1962 by the stunning Gran Turismo Hawk. 

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