How deep are the Graham brother’s pockets?

The brothers are doing everything right – their engineering is sound, and they are respected businessmen. They come to work every day knowing that they are losing money, and go home every day with hope. But the pressure is too much for Ray. The engineer brother, once in charge of producing 330,000 (ranked third in 1926, behind Ford and GM) Dodge Bros. cars, finds the 95% reduction too stressful, has a breakdown and takes his own life in August, 1932.

If it wasn’t for the glass company shares, the losses would have been more than they could manage. Libbey-Owen merged with the Edward Ford Plate Glass Co. in 1930, and they become the largest glass company and the first company to manufacture safety glass for automobiles. They are also the suppliers of the glass for the Empire State Building, built in 1930/31.

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