Graham, the early years


Paige-Detroit, a new, modern and well-equipped factory, provided the Graham brothers with a great canvas to paint their picture of the American automotive landscape. Harry Jewett, along with founding partner Fred Paige, had created Paige-Detroit in 1909 and built the company sales up to 40,000 units per year. Then came 1926, and a drop in sales and profits followed.

Harry believed that the automobile business was not for him anymore and found Graham’s offer his way out, creating the Graham-Paige Motors Corp. The G-P 1928 line was fresh, innovative and an instant success. It set a sales record for a new make, doubling Paige’s best year. 1929 sales forecast looked good, and by October they surpassed 1928’s sales. The Graham Bros. had the Midas touch.



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