It’s my conjecture that Granddad, Thomas Guscotte Parker Hobbis, knowing that his failing health was limiting his ability to drive, looked to the car’s origin, the Ford Motor Company for a new home for his beloved Model A, writing two letters first in 1959 and again in 1961. The respondent both times, William Schoen. When researching Mr. Schoen I found his resume very impressive.

Highlights; (please read)

1938-40 Attended Princeton University 1940 Primary Flight Training Honourable Discharge (medical) 1946-52 U.S. State Dept. Truman administration speech writer promoting the Marshall Plan. 1952-74 Ford Motor Co. Speech writer for Henry Ford 11, Robert McNamara and others. Stockholder Relations. Director of Urban Affairs. In 1964 he worked with Disney developing the Ford exhibit at the 1964 world fair in New York (where the Mustang was introduced) During his Ford years worked with the Pentagon and NASA. Managing Aerospace Technologies on the Saturn 1 moon rocket. He is credited with writing the speech Henry Ford 11 gave to support GATT. It had epic media news and editorial coverage and the biggest Ford story since Henry 1 announced the $5-per day, 40 hour week, in 1914. That speech set the business standard in the US for the next 20 years. 1966-67 Speech writer for President L.B. Johnson. 1974 –2010 private public relations consulting practice. Working with labour unions, and human rights organizations advocating for seniors, minorities and women. Mr. Schoen was a very influential and respected spin doctor and he had the time to write my Grandfather, twice.

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  1. Molly Schoen says:

    Hi there,

    William Schoen was my grandfather, and one of the most intelligent, good-humored, and warm-hearted people I have ever known. Since his passing three years ago, I still think of him daily for inspiration and guidance.

    If you are able to scan or transcribe the letters he wrote to your grandfather, I know my whole family would be delighted to see them.

    Thank you so much for this lovely post.

    All best,


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