HOBOSS visits SoCal

The HOBOSS visit to SoCal was spectacular. Justin Veazy gave us a personal tour of the shop. There was Billy Gibbons’ ZZ Top Cadzilla it was prepared to be shipped to the Petersen Museum. There was the Greer-Black-Prudhomme dragster in final restoration. A deuce with an Ardun headed V8 midway and lots more. I made mention that the Ardun was a $150,000.00 build but I was quickly rebutted by Justin that SoCal’s minimum builds start at $150,000. The usual is 1 point 4 to 1 point 6. Oh! the Cadzilla is insured for 4 point 3. Thanks Justin and SoCal you are a first class operation. Now the HOBOSS is off to see Bobby Walden’s. (there will be more picture of SoCal to follow soon)

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  1. Chris Gordon says:

    I wish i could have seen this too. One to add to my “to do” list

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